About Me: Why would you hire me to write your web content?

First of all, I’m a big fan of search engine optimization.

I remember the days of searching online for information and being so frustrated with the poor results showing up on my computer. Tougher search engine algorithms mean less junk in the top rankings and more value for the reader.

When I search for products, services or information I can enter a keyword phrase and pinpoint the types of quality websites I’m looking for. I love that.


I’m in good company; your potential customers and clients feel the same way about finding quality websites.

My empathy for their online experience motivates me to make sure what I write is helpful to them in two ways:

  1. I want to make sure that the keyword phrases in the content I write will generate targetted traffic. I want them to say, “Oh, yes, THIS is what I was looking for!” That’s what good search engine optimization (using long-tail keywords) in your content does for you and your customer. It helps you get found by them, or “be seen” as I like to say.
  2. I want to write content that connects with them, offers valuable information and makes their life better in some way. I used to hate taking the time to do a search on the internet and having to go ten pages deep because 80 percent of each page contained spammy websites. Those websites had a token of information buried in a mound of advertising. I want people, coming on your site, to be glad they found you.

I enjoy my work, and I’m good at it.

There are so many things in my life that I’m not particular about. Clothes? I kind of like most fashions and value comfort more than the latest trend. Food? If it’s on a plate, I’m willing to eat it. Music? Rap, Classical, Pop, Folk music… I care more about the lyrics than the musical genre. Which brings me to the heart of why I’m good at my work.


From song lyrics to books I read, I care about words and the ideas they convey than most other things in life. I’m very particular about what words mean, how they are spelled and what their context is. I will slave over my laptop for the perfect phrasing to convey the intended message.

It’s my desire to make sure that any content I write for your website, accurately reflects how your business helps its clients.

I respect the hard work you do to run your business.

One of my best friends started her business as a cottage industry and now contracts a majority of her work out to other moms so they can work from home. She has been very successful in her niche which means she is busier than ever. I admire all that she has done and realize the stake she has in her business; I see the “blood, sweat and tears equity” she has poured into growing it to this place. When she asks me to write a post for her website, I know that I am representing something that is very precious to her – her businesses reputation. I respect that.

I only work for businesses I respect because I put my heart into my writing.

I help businesses be a blessing by writing the content that connects them to customers and clients who need their services. That’s what I do.

Is your website neglected?

If your business website is sparse, it’s probably because you have many important tasks already on your plate.

Don’t forget that your website helps customers find you. Don’t agonize about it. Consider outsourcing that responsibility to me. Tell me about your business, how you help people and what kind of content you want on your website. I will make sure the content is valuable, interesting and error-free because I understand the value of your reputation.

Be seen.

Let me write content for you, Jenette Clay.


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