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I received an email this past week from Chris Brogan at Owner Media Group Inc. Chris wrote a short email that was entitled “On Being Helpful” It struck me so much that I decided to write a blog post about it.

Be Helpful.

Be Helpful.

I signed up for Chris Brogan’s email because of his blog post about social media.

The same week I signed up for updates on several other websites for the same reason, the posts on the websites were insightful and informative. Yep, they got my email address, and it’s worth it to me because of what I am learning from them. Down the road I may sign up and pay for one of the classes from Chris because I’ve seen a preview of what he has to offer and it gives me confidence that I may benefit by learning more from him.

Great SEO may draw internet traffic to your website…Then what?

be helpful

I was so struck by what Chris wrote in his email on being helpful. It applies to  business and so many areas of our lives.

The last ten years or so, my husband and I find ourselves saying to each other more, “what can I do for you?”We say this sometimes when one of us is leaving on an errand. Sometimes we say it between our various projects or chores.

I’ve said this to my kids, when they are upset or depressed or in the middle of a raging conflict. Just telling them to stop fighting isn’t as productive as helping them get to the root of their frustrations.

With our older kids, we find ourselves asking “how can I help you?” when they are stuck in their goals. Often there is nothing we can do to help physically, but we can help them process the obstacles they need to overcome. Other times, we give assistance in the form of knowledge or resources.

I’ve also been thinking about this in relation to business. Once you have someone’s attention, how is your business going to help them?

A good business helps people.

The tag-line I have been using to help people understand what SEO does for you is, “Be seen”

And I still think that is a good tag-line to explain search engine optimization.

I describe SEO content as a “neon sign” to search engines, letting them know you are there, letting the search engines connect you to people who are looking for you. I’m going to keep that tag-line, because it helps describe to people what good content does for their websites.

Today I’m thinking about what happens when people click onto your website? What happens when someone reads your blogs. Do they find anything helpful?

Be helpful

Businesses must be helpful. If they don’t fill a need, then they won’t sell any products or services.

If you’re brainstorming about businesses to create, then you are thinking about points of pain or need that your business can meet. That is part of being helpful.

Established businesses have already worked through those concepts for their businesses, but may change things up as needs and desires change.

My part is to make sure any content that I write is inherently helpful. Spilling keyword phrases into your posts just to get top search engine results, helps people find you. If you add value by providing well written, informative tips or insight, you bring up the level of helpfulness and trust. It is good to be known as a helpful, generous company. It is good to be helpful.

I’m trying to keep this phrase in mind, I don’t want to forget it, because it encompasses all my relationships.

Be helpful.


Thanks Chris.



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