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Optimize the search engine status of your business website.

I work hard to produce writing that is:

  1. Interesting: Engaging attention
  2. Helpful: Offering value.
  3. Error-free: Upholding your reputation.


If your plate is already full with the business of running your business let me write content for you.

I am upfront about my prices, and I will deliver ready-to-post content that is on schedule:

  • Blog Posts – $100 (700-1,000 words, with images.)
  • SEO Content Articles   – $50 (500 words, no images.)
  • Pod Cast Show Notes-$60 per episode (Headline, summary, “click to quote”, CTA, resources/ links, guest bio).

Do you need a virtual assistant?

Web Content and Content Marketing

Maybe you need someone to do more than write for you.

  • Do you need someone to manage your social media platform?
  • Is it a pain for you to schedule the theme of your content and share it?

Ask me about taking all of that off of your hands. Let’s discuss how much help you need and I’ll quote you a price.

If you can’t afford to hire someone right now, look around on my website. You’ll find advice for writing your own content.

Don’t lose potential business because you don’t have anyone handling your website and social media for you.

Increase your website indexability by making sure you have plenty of high-quality SEO content so that you can be found and seen on the internet. Share your content and be social through internet social platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

If you’d like me to help you with that, email me at:  jenetteclay@mywordsforhire.com

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