Content Strategy for Small Business 101: What to do with Your Business Website

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Have you wondered what it takes to have a great, not just good, website for your business? This week I’m beginning a series about content strategy to help small business owners, artists, authors and other entrepreneurs understand the whys and hows of improving their business websites.

We can’t skip this part.

I’m not going to pretend that your success is just about having a great website and plenty of content, although we will get to that.

I want to establish here at the beginning that this series is for people who have a valuable service or product to sell. This series will not be helpful to the person who wants to make money online, but hasn’t figured out something of value to offer a target customer or client.

I’ll use myself as a brief case study:

  • The service I offer in my business is my writing (MWordsforhire ūüėČ ). ¬†This website serves as one platform for my writing portfolio.
  • My secondary purpose is to help small businesses understand how to create and utilize their business website effectively. Nevertheless, my business product is my writing.

Getting your service or product a seat at the internet table.

I want to show you how to establish your place on the internet. You’ll need to create enough content so that your website is:

  • Able to be indexed.
  • Optimized for search engines.

That’s how people find your business on the internet. No web content = being invisible.

You know your business; I want to help you understand the basics you can do to improve your internet presence.

Through of the influence of my friend Janet, co-founder of¬†Bear Paw Creek, I’ve become passionate about helping owners of small businesses increase their target audience reach by:

  1. Helping them understand the vital role the internet plays in reaching new customers.
  2. Explaining the basics of what makes a solid website.
  3. Presenting the best options for building their website’s written content to improve their SEO (search engine optimization).

I want to see people with great products reach their customers.

For instance, I want to see local restaurants understand their ability to compete with national franchises by having a website that has more than three pages. I want to encourage them to blog regularly and share posts and pictures on local Facebook groups as well as Tweet about events and newest menu items.

Even without a website The Red Tamale, in southwest Missouri, has leveraged the internet for marketing using Facebook. They have a delicious product and they communicate effectively using the internet.

Diners are glad that The Red Tamale food truck is putting the word out effectively¬†because their tamales are delicious. I’m wanting some right now, actually.

Is there someone out there who would love what you make, but has no clue you exist because you can’t be found on the internet?

I like to see people who work hard succeed.

Freelance workers, Entrepreneurs, small business owners… This is a category of hardworking people who have stepped out and taken a risk. Many even work full-time and start their business on the side during weekends and evenings.

I value the blood, sweat, and tears founders pour into the businesses they create. Many owners are internet savvy but some are not. This series is about basic content strategy.  Because I like to see someone who works hard and produces something of value succeed.

This series isn’t for bigger businesses, which can hire a full-time content manager or marketing team.

It’s¬†for the business owner who needs to do this all himself, or the entrepreneur who can pay for some outsourcing of SEO content, but needs to understand the concepts behind content marketing to make sure she’s on target.

A young artist’s questions about creating a website for her art.

I have a friend, named Sarah, who is a witty, generous, talented young artist. I met her through her art.

Sarah had drawn a cartoon of my son teaching her guitar lessons, as my nine-year-old looked on. She captured both of them perfectly and the picture made me laugh, a precious commodity at that time in my life. Since then I have been a fan. She draws cartoons for our family each week. At my children’s insistence, the side of our refrigerator is stuffed with photocopies of them. No, seriously, it is!

Fridge Art


This young artist wrote me a list of questions which gave me insight into questions other people might have. She gave me permission to share them and use them as a springboard for this series.

Here are her questions; I’ll start by addressing these in my series:

  1. How do I create a website?
  2. What can I do with a website?
  3. How do I protect the stuff I’ve made and put on my website (art or products)?
  4. How do I put samples of songs and drawings (images and audio) on a site?
  5. Will there be ads on my website, if so, can I block inappropriate ones?
  6. How can I use a website to get my name out?

That’s a start; from there we will move on to other aspects of maintaining a business website or sprucing up an existing one. I’ll be explaining the basics and linking to helpful sites for those who want to dig deeper.

Many businesses are already on top of their internet presence through their websites, and that’s great. However, if you need a little help understanding what the nuts and bolts of a good business website include, then this series is for you and I’ve set up a page with links to the posts in this series as I create them.

In addition, if you would like to new posts as they are written then contact me with your email address and I’ll add you to my list for updates about my website. You won’t receive more that one email from me a week if you’re on my list and I won’t give your email to anyone else.


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