Expanding your business niche; reflecting that in your SEO content. 2

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Expanding your business niche

Is your product already well known in your current market? Are you exploring other markets and expanding your business niche into markets which might be open to what you have to offer?

Don’t forget to reflect that in your SEO content strategy, so your website can be found by those new markets. Consider which new keyword phrases you need to use in future online content to reflect those changes.





Bear Paw Creek: Moving into new markets.

My friend, my client, Janet (of Bear Paw Creek) is amazing in so many ways. Starting from a cottage sewing industry, she has pretty much maxed out “being seen” by her original target audience (music therapists, working mostly with children). She has a great reputation in her marketplace both for products and service.

She’s not resting on her laurels, though, she’s branching out! She sees that her movement props have great potential as tools for activity directors and therapists who work with elder care. Additionally, teachers at school and moms at home can make use of the props in their teaching activities. Those markets are her current target.

In order to reach those markets for her movement props she’ setting the course for her online content to include new SEO keyword phrases. That’s something every expanding business should consider.





Do the people who would love your product even know you exist?

- (1)


I drove past a place last week that had a sign out advertising, “English Comfort Food”.

I think I might love their product, and I’m willing to find out!I don’t remember the name of the place, but I’m going to go back and check it out. I think they had me at “Comfort Food”, but the “English” part make it appealing as well because of my daughters. Three simple words which peaked my interest. Maybe someone who hates comfort food or craves the exotic would drive on by without a pause.

Obviously, that wouldn’t be their target audience, no loss.

What would be a loss?

Missing the opportunity to get the word out to someone like me, whose daughters romanticise anything English because of Jane Austin movies. You can bet I’m going to score points by taking my girls there. Oh and the red double decker bus didn’t hurt the appeal any either, in fact, that’s what made me look.


SEO content: Getting your target audience to look.

London CallingSo, the right SEO content on your website is like the big, red, double decker double decker bus parked on the side of the street that made me look.  I immediately thought, London, then I glanced right (probably should have had my eye on the traffic) and tried to read all their other signs to see what was going on over there.

SEO content can do that for your business website; it can help you to rank higher in the search engine so that people can have a look to see if you have something they want. The prominent words should reflect the keywords your customer would enter into an internet search engine. That is what we call a “keyword phrase.”

So let’s get back to the business with the big, red, double-decker bus.



I used these words in Google Search, “Springfield MO English Comfort Food.”Do you know what I got?


Kudos to London Calling Pasty Company – They not only have great street signage, but their SEO is in place. Take a look at the top result of my search. I love it when you can find the what you’re looking for so quickly!

I’m impressed.

One week ago I didn’t know they existed, and 15 minutes ago I didn’t know their name (I had just a vague idea of their location). They have done a great job of allowing themselves to be seen from the street and “be seen” on the internet.

How about your business?


When you’re branching out.

Back to Bear Paw Creek…


Janet believes that there are more people out there who would love her movement props if they knew about them. She’s adding SEO content so that people working with elder care therapy will know what Bear Paw Creek has  to offer them. That’s where my SEO content writing comes in. As I write blogs for her website, I am have adjusted the focus of my articles to reflect the change in SEO content.

The keyword phrases can be written naturally not forced  because music and movement enhance everyone’s life; Bear Paw Creeks movement props are a great tool for recreational directors in elder care facilities.

In fact, we who are younger often have more freedom to get out and move and enjoy music with others. Senior citizens living in care facilities may often miss out on this kind of pleasure. The Activity Director, in an elder care facility, schedules avenues of enjoyment, enrichment and movement for the residents. Bear Paw Creek’s movement props meet a need for resources in that industry and they are getting the word out on the internet. I fully expect them to become well know among elder care workers in the next two years.

That’s because Janet is being proactive in her SEO for Bear Paw Creek… New market=New SEO content targeting.  Janet knows her new target audience and she knows the keywords she needs to work on to move into that niche.


By the way, Bear Paw Creek also uses all kinds of Social platforms to post updates on her business.

Janet uses Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms to get her products out and illustrate how to use Bear Paw Creeks movement props to create fun interaction.

All this can be time-consuming, yes, but there are tools to help make it manageable.On a later post, I will discuss some of these platforms, how to use them effectively (and tools that help you).

Doing all this posting and scheduling of social media takes time, as a business owner, you have your hands full already. Maybe the thought of adding social media to your to-do list is a little overwhelming. Don’t be tempted to neglect your SEO content or your social media platforms.

That’s when you consider outsourcing… And I’ll discuss that later too.


SEO for new markets.


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I'm an SEO content writer, copywriter, blogger, writer of podcast show notes, wife, mum, homeschool (life school) "expert". Christian I've got one husband, lots of kids, lots of family, small home, lots of love. I love art, watching trees sway in the breeze, flowers, leaves, water, smiles, beautiful music, children of all sizes and states of cleanliness. I work because my husband already works hard and we need a new house. I enjoy what I do because I admire the hard working business owners who are my clients. Where would we be without people like them in this world?

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2 thoughts on “Expanding your business niche; reflecting that in your SEO content.

  • Ayodeji Awosika

    Hey Jeanette,

    I love your advice here. Usually when people think of SEO they think or narrowly targeted phrases. I’m glad you’re mentioning how to broaden the potential audience by creating key phrase rich content for related subjects and audiences who could benefit from the service.

    I’m off to share on twitter.

    Have a great day.

    • Jenette Clay Post author

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment Ayodeji.

      So encouraging!

      It seems like I’m learning all of the time about SEO and then things change. But, really, many of the changes are for the better. I love how much easier it is to find what you want from an internet search than it was even a few years ago.

      The goal is to be visible to the people who are trying to find you. If we keep writing informative content, which reflects the niche we are writing in, that happens more or less naturally.

      The true mistake is to have poor content or no content at all, isn’t it?

      That’s why I appreciated your post ( http://www.ayothewriter.com/great-writer/ ) this week to spur me on. I need to get on top of my own content even as I write for clients.

      Have a wonderful weekend, hoping there might be a nap in it for you. 🙂 Jenette