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The Right Words

I’m looking at search engine optimization posts again…

Specifically, posts about SEO long-tail keyword phrases, and I’m sharing the links.

SEO  keywords help people find your business:  Use the right words in your headline and sub headlines to “be seen” on the internet.

This week I am focusing on choosing good long-tail keywords for searches about autism and movement props.


Writing a blog piece for Bear Paw Creek

My writing contract was for a blog post about autism and George’s Natural Play Therapy

Bear Paw Creek, is donating 15% of their sales to fund Hope for George, which Yvonne (George’s mom) set up. The fund helps Yvonne create a safe, fun space for George to benefit from Natural Play Therapy.

I was hired to write the post announcing their fund-raiser. It will be up on April 1st,  to mark Autism Awareness Month.

Read Yvonne’s blog, to learn about George’s Natural Play Therapy and what they are up to now. She is a warm-hearted mom, who is committed  to the well-being of George and her whole family.

In the midst of their struggles she is able to laugh, dust herself off and plow ahead. I have learned so much from her.



I did something unusual-I chose to use two keyword phrases:

  1. Natural Play Therapy
  2. “fun activities for kids”

I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, but it really was a good fit.  I created a headline that reflected both the appeal to autism therapy and the appeal to all moms. There is so much that we can all learn from the philosophy of Natural Play Therapy.

So, that’s the idea that I went with in my headline and content: explaining Natural Play Therapy and pointing out how all moms can make use of its wisdom.

Natural Play Therapy focuses on observing the play of the child and letting the child take the lead. Rather than discuss how fun activities could be planned with movement props from Bear Paw Creek, I emphasized the flexible nature of the props, encouraging moms and caregivers to follow the lead of the child.

Side note here:  There is something about the humility and respect of Natural Play Therapy that appeals to me.

In any case, it felt natural to have more than one set of keyword phrases, I’m not sure how often I would try to do that, but in this case, it just made sense for the context.



Natural Play Therapy (1)

Why Long-Tail Keywords are Valuable

Long-tail keywords contain two or more words (usually more) to narrow the people who will find your website to those who specifically want what you are offering on your blog or business page.

For instance: “bugs which are beneficial to your garden,” as opposed to, “bugs.”

5 Tools for Finding High-Value, Long-Tail Keywords

Old school keyword research was more concerned with generating high quantities of traffic, regardless of how well that traffic converted. Ranking for “web design” and generating thousands of visits per month was thought to be preferable to ranking for, say, “best company to build a business website,” and only attracting a few dozen visits.

In today’s landscape, we’re much more concerned with user intent: finding and using keywords that match the underlying intention behind search behavior. When we can attract highly-qualified traffic and then provide exactly what our visitors are looking for, we provide a far better user experience, which ultimately means more conversions.

Jayson DeMers, Search Engine Watch.


The Resurgence of Long-Tail Keywords in SEO

Long-Tail Keywords: A Better Way to Connect With Customers


How to find long-tail keywords?


6 Awesome Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords in any Niche

Google Adwords


So, I’m finding myself reading a bunch of posts by Jayson DeMers, and quoting him. He seems to be someone who offers clear and concise information. And he knows his stuff: He comes up on the first page of many of my searches on SEO related websites, so he’s getting results. Here is another one from him:  How to Identify Long-Tail Keywords for Your SEO Campaign.

Often, long-tail keywords have little or no search volume according to Google’s Keyword Tool. However, in my experience, they can still pull quite a bit of traffic. It’s a bit of a guessing game, which is why it’s difficult to go simply by the numbers when it comes to long-tail keyword research. Trust your gut, write your blog posts around your long-tail keywords, and most importantly, analyze and address user intent.

These are some of the things that should guide you in identifying profitable long-tail keywords that will not only help you rank higher, but also convert better. As with other keywords and their associated content strategies, choosing the right set of long-tail keywords doesn’t guarantee you traffic or rankings automatically; it’s a long-term time commitment that should be treated as an investment. With enough time and consistency, your keyword research and content strategy will pay off.

Posts about link building, and website building.

These are link building posts that I want to have handy, so I can go back and read them again.

I’m planning  to come back to these this weekend when I can spend some time reading them and transferring the best bits to Google Keep.


Update: In which I get schooled.

I received a very polite email asking me to read the following post, The Long Tailed Keyword Myth. It’s a great article by Wesley Parker (who has the experience and knowledge I’m still working to acquire), and it brings numbers to the party. I will warn you that it’s not light reading, but it’s worth it and you should click over there and read it. I’m planning to discuss this with a couple of my clients. Plenty there for practical application and putting work where it will be most effective.

Wesley Parker, thanks for schoooling me, I’m always grateful to learn.

Jenette, 10/12/2016

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