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Having trouble finding essential information in you email archives? Been there, done that! That’s why I’m excited about ScribblePost, an app that I think is going to raise my productivity and reduce my frustration.

Productivity is something I’ve grown into.

My parents always described me as a “free spirit”. Read that as, “flying by the seat of my pants” When I was younger, I didn’t like planning and committing to schedules.

However, sometime in the past 24 years or so , I’ve become and adult: I have nine kids ranging from five years old to twenty-two, I homeschool and do freelance work from home. How do I maintain sanity, clarity and meet deadlines for work and home? By identifying which tasks are important and structuring my days to accomplish them!

Over the years I’ve learned the value of schedules and planning because:

  • Planning ahead frees up time because less time is wasted in confusion.
  • Clearly communicating expectations about tasks and timelines helps everyone be more productive.
  • Good routines take less energy and accomplish more.

I’ve used various systems and productivity apps to help me throughout the years and have liked some better than others. Last week, I was given the opportunity to try out a new one called ScribblePost. I’m sharing it with you because it blew me away with the problems it solves.

Why ScribblePost is different

Many of the apps on the market address the issues in my list above, some better than others. There are apps like Evernote, OneNote, and Trello for capturing and filing ideas. Slack and Basecamp, among others, are great collaboration platforms. There are all kinds of organizational tools out there (I’ve tried a bunch) and calendars to keep you on task.

ScribblePost has the ability to help me be organized and stay on track but it’s ScribblePost’s ability to do all that and interface with email that makes it uniquely useful and universal.

Stop hunting down information in email messages

Have you gone on that hunt? This is how it goes:

  • You initiate a conversation with a supplier or collaborator on a project.
  • You have some back and forth (maybe with other email recipients as well as new messages initiated by others).
  • Someone (maybe you) injects important information in the conversation that is off-topic.
  • You look for that information later, but can’t find it for the life of you, because it is randomly inserted in the wrong email topic.
  • [Commence muttering and grumbling under your breath…]

ScribblePost has created a genius solution!

When you integrate your email into ScribblePost, it divides the incoming email by lines and you can assign actionable items with a hashtag (or several) to label it according to the time it is due and the project it’s related to. Additionally, you can tag the item (using @) to anyone (thereby sending the information on to that person).

That changes everything!

So, when I receive an email from my client about a blog post we are working on, if she adds a note about a future blog post, as well as  a link she’d like me to include, I can:

  1. File information about each blog post under a general hashtag under her business name.
  2. File the information about each post under separate hashtags (for the specific post subject).
  3. Give each of those posts it’s own due date by typing a separate due date in each line of subject.

No lost information in the body of the email!

I’ve taken care of it and filed it in a way that it can be found again and it’s placed in the appropriate date in my tasks. All that is done by opening the email in ScribblePost (taking only a minute of my time).


Communicate seamlessly with people outside of your collaborative platform.

Paul Berkovic, co-founder of ScribblePost, pointed out in the webinar I attended that, while email has shortcomings for communication, it is the universal communication device for business. There are many great collaboration apps, but getting everyone on the same one is just not going to happen. Even if your whole company is on one system, you are still going to be working with clients, suppliers and customers who are not on your system. That’s when you find yourself going back to email.

Recognizing this, Alon Novy (founder and CEO of ScribblePost) and Paul created their app with the ability to integrate with your email account. This means, while my clients may not use ScribblePost, I can send and receive email inside ScribblePost even if they aren’t using ScribblePost with me.

To me, this is the ultimate collaborative tool for this reason: I can use it with anyone who has an email address.

I can see implementing this with my clients, my husband (who is also a client) and my older children (Communication, when everyone’s coming and going is a challenge.)


Accomplish the important, not just the urgent.

Have you heard of GTD (Getting things Done) by David Allen?  What I love about his system is that it helps you move past the tyranny of the urgent to accomplish what is most important to you. The problem: I haven’t  found an app that works well for me with his process – until now. This app not only lets me file ideas and tasks easily, but also lets me re-arrange them. I can jot them down as they come to me and sort them by priority later.

Here’s how this app helps with that:

  1. ScribblePost lets me take the quick firing thoughts in my brain and make them tangible. By having an intuitive system for jotting down my intruding thoughts. I can refocus on my task without being afraid that my genius idea will be lost (or that I’ll forget to buy toilet paper).
  2. ScribblePost not only allows me to store thoughts away, but I can call them back using the hashtag I’ve assigned to the thought, or be reminded by the timestamp I’ve created.
  3. I can drag and drop my tasks around in the app from #today to #done to #someday or #tomorrow or any other date. If I don’t finish something today, I can move it to tomorrow.
  4. There is a label in the tasks section marked #Important, which is excellent, because unless what is most important is urgent, it never gets done unless you have a way of retaining it and keeping it before you.
  5. I can also use ScribblePost for daily routines because I can make one post for each list of routines (morning, evening, Saturday Chores) and then drag it to the next day or week. I love that feature.

This has energized me to get back on the GTD bandwagon because I think I finally have a tool that will make it work for me.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is: If you love a product, you’d better support it.

This is the productivity/collaboration app I’ve been looking.

Since I’ve become a working-from-home mom, trying to juggle my responsibilities without fumbling and dropping the important ones, I haven’t found an app that addresses my pain points better than this ScribblePost.  Paul invited me to try out ScribblePost via Twitter, and I came into it with an open mind, but no huge expectations. In about the first five minutes of the introductory webinar, Paul had my attention and kept it until the end.

I was so impressed that I wanted to spread the word and here’s the reason: The more people use this app, the more ScribblePost can continue to develop it. I want to see that happen.

The bottom line is this: I want to keep using ScribblePost.

Would you like to have the opportunity to see what ScribblePost does first hand? You can. I stumbled upon it on Twitter, when Paul offered me an opportunity to give ScribblePost a try.

This same offer is extended to you at ScribblePost. Take a look and let me know what you think.



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4 thoughts on “ScribblePost: Email hassles this productivity app solves & other reasons I’m hooked.

  • Alon Novy

    Hi Jenette

    I’m the founder & CEO of ScribblePost. Thank you so much for this terrific and insightful review!
    It’s great to see you’re finding ScribblePost useful & valuable.

    All the best,

    • Jenette Clay Post author

      Hi Alon,

      I’ve written show notes for a podcaster who interviews founders of startups, so I’ve gained just a little insight into the hard work and thought it takes to create a tech startup.

      You have my admiration for that and for providing such a great tool to make my life less stressful.

      Thank you, Jenette.

  • Chuck Johnston

    OK, Jenette! I’m “almost” sold. As soon as I get past the mound of stuff that was waiting for me when I got back to Taiwan, I’ll look into ScribblePost. From your description, this app sounds like it may address some of my own frustrations. Looks like you might teach your “old dad” some new tricks! – Dadz