Small Business Website Series

Small Business Website SeriesDo you want to learn to make the best use of your business website? Whether you are selling a product or a service you can learn the best practices for creating and sharing valuable content to your target audience. Doing this will accomplish two things:

  1. It will improve your business’ reputation when you send people to your website.
  2. It will increase the chances that people looking for your products and services will be able to find you.

In this, Small Business Series, I’ll explain how to use content on your business website to communicate your value and reach your customers (in plain english). If you want to dive deeper, I’ll also be linking to others, who have more complicated methods for minutely tweaking your website for excellent SEO.

You can keep it simple and get good results in the long-term as long as you understand some basics about SEO (search engine optimization). The long-term results are what I’m talking about here (not a get rich quick, or a take-over-the-market-in-a-single-night, cheat-sheet).

If you know your business, but you feel a little clueless about how to reach more people with your website (and social media), this series is for you.

Just some good solid basics for your small business website. Ready? Great!

Here’s my introduction to the series: Content Strategy for Small Business 101: What to do with Your Business Website

Here are the posts I’ve written:

  1. WordPress Website Creation for Entrepreneurs
  2. What You Need to do First on Your WordPress Site!
  3. How: Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Business Website.

If you want to follow along in the series or ask some questions as I work through this series, drop me a line with your email address below. I won’t be sending updates to you more than once a week and I won’t share your email address with anyone.

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